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Color Bursts 05/13/2012

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Kiss Nail Art Paint in Beach Green, Bikini Pink, Soft Blue, and Soft Purple. ORLY in White Tips.Image

Because I am a crazy person I stayed up until 5am to complete this design. x.X I am always telling people ‘oh it didn’t take that long’ and often the designs themselves don’t, by drying takes forever! I only recently started using a topcoat to preserve my designs longer, and it seems to work pretty well, but it also tends to smear my designs if I don’t wait quite a long time for them to dry before applying the topcoat.


Pastel French 05/27/2011

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With spring in full bloom I couldn’t help using these pretty pastels!


Elegant Black French w/Jewel & Silver Accents 05/13/2011

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This is an excellent look for those who find it hard to free-hand the straight line required for a traditional French manicure. I personally find it much easier to paint an angled line, it makes it much less noticeable if your line isn’t perfectly straight, or if the angles aren’t all quite the same. I started with the black tips and once I got them close to the right shape I took a thin brush with silver sparkles to neaten up the edge of the black. While the silver polish was wet I pressed a jewel at the point of the V, then slicked on a clear coat to seal it all in!

Nail Art 2011-05-14 002 Nail Art 2011-05-14 004 Nail Art 2011-05-14 005 Nail Art 2011-05-14 009


Sunburst French w/Accents 05/05/2011

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Nail Art 2011-05-05 001 Nail Art 2011-05-05 002 Nail Art 2011-05-05 004 Nail Art 2011-05-05 005

Here in Japan there are several holidays grouped together, officially May 3, 4, 5, but we took the whole week to do some traveling. The night before we left for Kyoto I didn’t sleep. XD First it was because I had to pack, but after that I decided that since I had to get up so early it wasn’t worth trying to get to sleep; the sun was already starting to rise! So, of course I did my nails! I barely finished them before it was time to go, and the polish was still a bit wet when I took the pictures on the bus. XD Oh well, they only got a little messed up.


Simple Blue w/Jewel 04/28/2011

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Nail Art 2011-04-28 004 Nail Art 2011-04-28 005 Nail Art 2011-04-28 007 Nail Art 2011-04-28 008