Nail art by farie

Color Bursts 05/13/2012

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Kiss Nail Art Paint in Beach Green, Bikini Pink, Soft Blue, and Soft Purple. ORLY in White Tips.Image

Because I am a crazy person I stayed up until 5am to complete this design. x.X I am always telling people ‘oh it didn’t take that long’ and often the designs themselves don’t, by drying takes forever! I only recently started using a topcoat to preserve my designs longer, and it seems to work pretty well, but it also tends to smear my designs if I don’t wait quite a long time for them to dry before applying the topcoat.


Dress up French 03/24/2012

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ORLY in White Tips. Kiss Nail Art in Beach Pink and Soft Blue.

Just a simple french with some added color to match my dress and clutch for a friend’s wedding.


More stripes! 02/26/2012

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Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Brisk Blue and Lickety-Split Lime. Kiss Nail Art Paint in Beach Green and Soft Blue.

I wanted something to brighten up the Blah that is February


Neon Stripes 01/06/2012

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Kiss Nail Art Paint in Beach Green, Bikini Pink, Soft Blue, and Soft Purple.Image


Matsuri Nails 06/07/2011

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We had a festival to go to so I did some nail designs to match the yukatas of my friends and I! I did a colored french and added a stripe to spice things up and little flower/dot accents on the thumbs. Added a bit to a plain pedi as well.


The design I painted on fake nails for one friend; orange french tips with a black spray.


Another friend; blue angled french tips, with white and red stripe accents and some extra sparkle spray on the thumbs.


Metallic Silver w/Black Stripes 04/22/2011

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I started out with stripes on just one nail and then kept adding them, I think in the end I put stripes on all my nails, just in varying amounts. Sally Hansen Salon in Sterling. Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black.


.:insert catchy title here:. 04/07/2011

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I’m not one for writing blogs; I’m never sure if I should be writing to myself or to an audience. This blog will therefore mostly be a collection of photographs documenting my nail art.


Striped French