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Dots, dots, & more dots! 05/31/2012

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Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Brisk Blue, Lickety-Split Lime, Lightening, Mint Sprint, and Sonic Bloom. Cover Girl Boundless Color in Candy Corn.Image

This is the result of my first set of dotting tools, I was really excited to try them out. :) My dad said he preferred my more sedate toe design haha


Sally Hansen Salon in Navy Venom (4123-10) and Sterling (4131-01).

(More than a week later looking alright even though I skipped the topcoat. I just love how much longer a pedi lasts than a mani.)


Matsuri Nails 06/07/2011

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We had a festival to go to so I did some nail designs to match the yukatas of my friends and I! I did a colored french and added a stripe to spice things up and little flower/dot accents on the thumbs. Added a bit to a plain pedi as well.


The design I painted on fake nails for one friend; orange french tips with a black spray.


Another friend; blue angled french tips, with white and red stripe accents and some extra sparkle spray on the thumbs.


Sunburst French w/Accents 05/05/2011

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Nail Art 2011-05-05 001 Nail Art 2011-05-05 002 Nail Art 2011-05-05 004 Nail Art 2011-05-05 005

Here in Japan there are several holidays grouped together, officially May 3, 4, 5, but we took the whole week to do some traveling. The night before we left for Kyoto I didn’t sleep. XD First it was because I had to pack, but after that I decided that since I had to get up so early it wasn’t worth trying to get to sleep; the sun was already starting to rise! So, of course I did my nails! I barely finished them before it was time to go, and the polish was still a bit wet when I took the pictures on the bus. XD Oh well, they only got a little messed up.