Nail art by farie

Purple Glitter Gradient 07/27/2011

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Sparkling Green Gradient 05/20/2011

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Nail Art 2011-05-20 005 Nail Art 2011-05-20 007 Nail Art 2011-05-20 010 Nail Art 2011-05-20 013

Incredibly simple yet one of my favorites. I started with a base of clear sparkle polish, then starting about a third away from the cuticle I used a light green sparkle polish, finishing with a dark green sparkle polish on the top third of the nail. The best part is that since the idea is to blend the colors you don’t have to worry about trying to make the gradient ‘lines’ straight or even.

These nails would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but it’s a bit late for that so instead I am telling myself they are May birthstone (emerald) nails since my birthday is in May XD


Simple Blue w/Jewel 04/28/2011

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